Preventative Care

Essential Dental have been treating generations of patients for over 18 years in the Golden Grove area. Our dentists provide the whole family with education in prevention, maintenance and vigilance of their teeth, which has meant that long term dental restorative work is kept to a minimum.

The old saying that “Prevention is better than cure” could not be more true at Essential Dental.

The evidence linking our oral health to our general health is constantly growing. Heart disease and diabetes all have strong dietary influences however a strong genetic link is also often associated and need consideration.

Essential Dental Golden Grove Dental Plans for the whole Family

At Essential Dental, our team of dedicated dentists often need to work with our medical colleagues to ensure treatment solutions are suitable and sustainable. We also understand that what is not often discussed is the psychological or emotional affect of a poorly presenting dentition, something the team Essential Dental are always conscience of.

A lack of confidence in social settings due to bad breathe or dark spots on teeth, poorly aligned teeth and even discomfort from broken down teeth can make our daily lives uncomfortable and even miserable.

Essential Dental believe a holistic approach to assessing the whole body allows us to better tailor your total dental care, including:

Prevention of disease
Good oral health and diet

Sports Mouthguards
Prevention of trauma to healthy teeth

Occlusal Splints or Nightguards
Prevention or reduction of stress related tooth wear and joint soreness

Contact the team at Essential Dental on (08) 8251 7677 for further information about our Preventative Care Solutions or to book an appointment with one of our Dentists… so you can ‘discover the difference’.